Get started

The first step to achieving a CFSP designation is accumulating 15 credits of  industry experience approved by NAFEM. Not sure how many credits you have? Use our Credit Calculator (or download the worksheet) to estimate your current credit total, then create an account or sign in if you already have a NAFEM account, to upload proof of credits as you earn them.

Acceptable credits

Each item you submit for CFSP credit must have the required back-up documentation scanned and uploaded into NAFEM’s system or the credits can’t be approved. Accepted back-up documentation includes a copy of a badge, a copy of a certificate, a copy of a diploma, or something that clearly shows your name and the name/date of the event to directly prove participation.

Once 15 credits are approved, you can purchase CFSP study materials and begin studying for the exam. Each study bundle includes a CFSP Study Guide (print version and ebook), your exam, your certificate and the mandatory CFSP Online Overview. The CFSP Online Overview is organized into four modules. It tracks your progress as you earn virtual badges and additional credits each time a module is completed. Once fully completed, you earn a total of 20 CFSPs credits and can take the Online Exam. You must pass the exam with a score of 75% or higher within one year of purchase. Don’t worry, we provide a variety of ways to study and prepare!

Approval for manufacturer online training

NAFEM will consider manufacturer online training as a credit or maintenance earning potential. For attendees to receive credit, the manufacturer must submit an outline of the training material/session to at NAFEM Headquarters, for review and pre-approval. Once approved, you must provide the attendee with a certificate of completion to meet the required back-up documentation.